I'm Rohan

I'm a Developer, Designer and a Thinker.
I solve problems with code.

About Me
and my

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Machine Learning
and Data Science

In a world powered by Artificial Intelligence, a thorough understanding of Machine Leanring is a major advantage. I have experience working on Neural Networks and unsupervised learning algorithms in Python and Tensorflow.

User Interface and
User Experience

Any product is only as useable as its design allows it to be. I create engaging User Interfaces to promote healthy user intercations leading to better experiences and ultimately, unparalleled customer satisfaction. Web design for all types of devices is my forte.

Backend and Database Management

I have worked on a wide array of backend technologies including PHP and Django for projects of small and large scale alike. I have developed APIs and also possess experience of SQL relational Database Management Systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL

Graphic And
Product Design

Good graphic design is all about good communiation; I am experienced in general graphic design in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I have designed deliverables ranging from logos to brochures and poster.

& Portfolio


Core Developer

Dhwani is a smart sound recognition platform that can listen for familiar sounds, and alert you when it finds them playing again. It is a utility for those with hearing disabilities. Dhwani was a project build for a 2-day competition where it bagged the first prize. I was responsible for Design of the app and the development of its landing page. The Dhwani app is developed for Andriod and its Alpha version is availble for use. The landing page was implemented in HTML 5 and other modern front-end technologies.


To Design a Support Page

Working directly with the CEO, Siddharth Gupta, I was responsible for designing a brand new support page for Treebo Hotels. The new support page was designed to feel approachable to users to encourage them to report problems on their stay. The interface is minimal and responsive to look amazing on all screen sizes ranging from desktops and mobile phones. The backend was implemented in Django, a python-based backend framework, while the front-end was implemented in HTML5.


Product Design & Developer

FeatherX is a start-up which provides an easy-to-install widget for online stores that shows online shoppers' reviews and user-generated-content. This gives customers social proof so they can trust direct-to-consumer brands and drives sales. Working with the founder, Tanay Kothari (4th year engineering student at Stanford), I am responsible for front-end development and some backend roles. The technology stack includes React.js for the front-end and Django for the backend.



Spectacle enables doctors to understand the behavior of children with learning disabilities. It was awarded the Grand Prize at AngelHack 2017 and the team was invited to AngelHack’s HACKcelerator program in Silicon Valley. I was a part of a 3-membered team responsible for building Spectacle. I was responsible for building and implementing the infrastrcute for the product while also developing the front-end of Spectacle. The platform was developed in Node JS and the front-end in React.JS


Organization President

Exun is the computer society the DPS, RK Puram. Exun is sone of the biggest computer clubs of the country. Exun organizes an anual tech-fest which is attended by 1000+ participants. I was the president of the organiztion where I was responsible for guiding a team of 80+ members. I also managed all the web-related operations of the society like building and organize the online cryptic hunt, SudoCrypt. I also have been invited twice to judge Build, the Software Development event of the club.



OceanFund is an investment vehicle where users can stash their extra unused ETH for future returns. The interest rate however, is dynamic and depends on the time for which the money is invested. I was a full stack developer in the team where I made the front-end UI and also the backend infrastructure. The platform used were PHP and MySQL.

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